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Packaging Design

Thinking about sustainability and the importance of redefining packaging, Qualy, the best-selling margarine brand in Brazil, brings to the market its second edition of collectible, reusable and 100% recyclable packaging.

The whole creative process had as its starting point the idea of making people aware of adopting more conscious consumption habits, and, in this case, encouraging that their plastic margarine packaging can and should be reused.

Thus, our graphic concept was born with the aim to inspire through colorful, cheerful graphic elements with themes that seek to show consumers the different possible uses for packaging, such as: a plant vase, organizer of sewing materials, food storage, among others.

A seal that highlights the words “reuse Qualy” was created to make the intention of this action clear, as well as icons, infographics and QR codes, which support consumers to understand the importance of adopting more sustainable habits.

The color palette we used reproduces the daytime and solar energy, characteristics of the brand, in addition to the sinuous shapes that convey all the creaminess and flavor of Qualy margarine.

The countless possibilities of use and reuse of a package mean less waste in the world and an incentive to develop more conscious consumption habits.

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