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new cass


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InBev (Ambev)


Brand Identity, Packaging Design

When a leading brand in the international market entrusts the renewal of its visual identity, it is a sign that we have managed to overcome geographical and cultural barriers. And when that happens a second time, it means recognition! It is the case of our work with Cass, the most consumed beer brand in South Korea.

Our challenge was to modernize the packaging identity, strengthening the brand’s assets. In this NIV, the logo has expanded, extrapolating beyond the limits of the front panel, to create a bolder and more modern look.

To create a sense of movement and depth, we adopted different shades of blue, silver and white, which added to the geometric graphics, reinforce the youthful attitude and freshness, one of the brand’s greatest attributes. All this within a cleaner and more iconic look.

As a brand aimed at young consumers, the long neck bottle version, in addition to becoming transparent and embossing to emphasize the product’s freshness, also gained a technological innovation: a thermometer with thermal ink that changes color to alert when the beer is at the ideal temperature for consumption.

This entire creative strategy was validated by the Korean consumer through research carried out by local institutes, thus ensuring the success of this new redesign in the face of an increasingly tuned and demanding consumer.

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