Lacta Intense Nuts

Lacta Intense Nuts

Lacta Intense Nuts

A combination full of intensity.




Packaging Design

Lacta is a Brazilian brand that belongs to Mondelez and has been a reference in chocolate making for over 100 years.

Lacta Intense is a line of chocolates with greater cocoa intensity that has a positioning to reinforce intense and true relationships. Thus, the concept of three more exclusive products under the name of Lacta Intense Nuts was born.

And that was our challenge, to present this new line with greater added value to consumers, making clear this new combination between 40% cocoa chocolate and selected ingredients.

So, we created a graphic concept that aims to unite two universes. Above, Lacta Intense, with its traditional blue color code and shades of gold and black, guarantee the intensity and creaminess already established in the brand’s chocolates. Below, an invitation to the new, from different colors that reinforce differentiation and intensify contrast and flavor.

In the center, the result of this union, the chocolate itself, which highlights the new elements in its composition.

An uppercase typography with more elegant strokes was selected to reinforce the products’ more sophisticated aspects.

A light white thread wraps the information from top to bottom to reinforce Lacta’s “Criando Laços” [“Forming Bonds”] positioning.

The result is a more intense and sophisticated look, which adds value to the products and strengthens the Lacta brand positioning.

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