Italac Meu Papá

Italac Meu Papá

Italac Meu Papá

the birth of a new line of products




Naming, Packaging Design

Who never went out of their way to convince a child to eat? This eating routine is often exhausting for both parents and children, which was our starting point for the creation of the brand name and the entire visual concept of this new line: Meu Papá children’s cereal, by the Brazilian company Italac.

A project that began with a deep immersion and a study of the category that would lead us to our first challenge of the project, the creation of the naming of this new product. A name that should be catchy and easy to pronounce.

Our next step was to create a strong visual touch point that would dialogue with the children while transmitting balance, strength and tenderness to the mothers. Thus, the panda was chosen to become the mascot, also becoming a strong emotional icon of recognition of the new brand.

The arrangement of the elements surrounding the dish aimed to enhance the nutritional aspects of the product, as well as the creaminess of the porridge.

The surrounding in natura ingredients highlight the healthiness and natural origin of the recipe, and – added to the background colors and a subtle texture – help to identify the variants and create a sensory effect that reinforces the naturalness of the products.

The rounded typography evokes attributes such as care and closeness, while the heart design highlights the amount of vitamins present in the products.

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