Made with art




Packaging Design

The mission was to create a unique identity to convey the concept of beer made with art.

Bearing that in mind, we created a logo and labels that bring the artist’s creative force and boldness in their brand visual identity, a graphic expression that conveys all the restlessness of the master brewer who never tires of broadening his experience to please the so demanding and sensitive consumers.


The beer market was once dominated by traditional brands and basic flavors, but this has changed first with the arrival of the premium beer and later with the growth of the craft beer business.

Given the wide range of options now available, the challenge was to create a visual identity that would stand out in this sea of brands.

Thus, the strategy adopted aimed to extol the unique particularity that Wäls already had: an award master brewer who surpasses himself in all his limitless art and creativity.

This is how the new logo was brought to life vigorous and thick brushstrokes translated the restless and striking spirit of Wäls.

On the labels of the corked beer line, artistic language portrays illustrations and numbers that symbolize each type of beer.

Result: Wäls, a beer made with art!

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