Packaging Design, Brand Identity, Limbic Process®

After keeping the same visual identity for many years, Soya challenged us
to add codes of good humor to the brand, without giving up its color code – the red – or the area of the logo, which facilitate its identification at the POP.

The responsibility was important: the brand is a leader in the soybean oil segment and has been in most Brazilian households for decades.

To understand the codes of good humor, we used the Limbic Process®. We presented a series of visual stimuli to the female consumer and thus reached the codes that not only touched them, but also conveyed the mood the brand wanted to build.

The brand was designed aiming to refer to the smoke and aroma of freshly prepared food. The dishes gained the female consumer’s most cherished combination: health and flavor.

In the background, the golden adds to a subtle texture of drops, creating movement and enriching the look. The benefit icons have been grouped and placed in a prime area of the packaging so as to facilitate their reading and validate the quality of the brand.

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