With the great entrance of imported beers into South Korea, the setting was becoming extremely competitive and challenging for local brands.

Red Rock, a traditional local brand was losing significance among consumers.

So with the creation of a new positioning – anchored in the search around the globe for quality malts and for its roasting process to create the specific color, aroma and flavor of this beer, we created a visual identity that broke with the traditional assets of the category.

A new logo, which praised the letter R, malt (ingredient) and fire (roasting process), added to the concept of stamp, conferred expertise and great quality assurance.

The real image of the malt in the background emphasizes care in the selection of ingredients and, added to the image of the map, reinforces the search for quality.

The result was a more seductive and thought-provoking identity and packaging that invite consumers to embark on this journey to rediscover a new Red Rock.

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Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev)


Packaging Design
Brand Identity

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