A design for inspired cooking




Limbic Process®, Packaging Design

To align the visual identity of Petybon with the new positioning of the brand,
we had the consumer at the centre of our creative process to
fully understand the following question:

“After all, what is creativity when it comes to cooking pasta?”

It was from photos and videos sent by the consumers themselves that we took inspiration for various details, from their style of clothing, preparation and decoration of the table and even from their routine when it comes to cooking.

Then we tested visual elements such as graphics, photos, colours and layouts for the greatest emotional potential to stimulate and inspire consumers in the preparation of the pasta.

That’s how the new packaging for the line was born; what we learnt throughout the creation process shows in each and every detail the innovative presentation, the audacious suggestion of ingredients, the format of the viewing windows,
tips and the illustrated way to prepare.

The result is a unique, memorable and extremely inspiring design.

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