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Limbic Process®, Brand Identity, Packaging Design

Luftal, a brand of medicines that fight abdominal discomfort, wanted to show its consumers that it specializes in the subject, with several products to combat gases. For this reason, it proposed that Narita create new packaging to communicate this variety of products, but without losing Luftal’s identity.

We used the Limbic Process to understand which visual codes pleased consumers when purchasing these medications. As a result, we brought a new, more readable and memorable logo, communicating product efficiency and long-range Luftal brand recognition.

The packaging of the different products was also easier to identify by codes that made clear the format of each product (liquid, pill and gel capsule). Also through the Limbic Process, we were able to define what was the most important information for the consumers and make them more prominent. Luftal’s new packaging is already available in pharmacies all over Brazil!

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