Our challenge with Docile, a family-owned company with more than 80 years of tradition, was to create a new positioning, new visual identity and new packaging that could boost the brand’s expansion.

Through a process that connected the emotional of consumers, we immersed ourselves with the consumers, to identify the sensations aroused by each product at the time of consumption.

Thus, we access the codes that most reflected the relationship of consumers to the universe of candies: Surprise, Discovery and Fun.

These insights have led us to a new positioning and visual identity for Docile.

The design of the new logo was inspired by the calligraphy of its owners, carrying the strength, tradition and passion of this family.

The form that supports the logo is born of the caramel, which resulted the first candies produced, in addition to reflecting a dynamic and moving brand that brings joy and fun.

In packaging, we adopted an iconic and unusual visual, to create a break in the category, exploring with great emphasis the fun and empowering the brand to face the big players of the category.

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