A new personality for the brand

How to create a new identity for Condor, a brand that has such diverse categories (Beauty, Cleaning, Painting and Oral Hygiene)?

It was with this challenge that we started a project that went through redesign of the logo, verbal & visual language, and the creation of a new visual architecture of the packaging for its different product lines.

We started with the redesign of the logo. We found that movement, lightness and high spirits were part of all forms of interaction of people with different product lines. These attributes that guided the creation of the logo, which now has a striking icon that is easy to recognize at a distance. 

The second step was to create a verbal & visual language that would guide the communication of the brand in the coming years, guaranteeing consistency and personality in the various points of contact of Condor. The challenge was to create only one language that would be applied to the brand’s distinct product lines.

A meticulous job that redefined the visual identity of all brand’s products.

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