The challenge was to update the visual identity of the Cass beer,

one of the most expressive beer brands in the Korea for the young and that it came suffering with the movements of its competitors.

A challenging project that led us to immerse within the codes that best connected with the young, we made a deep inquiry in the visual universe of the Korean beers, thus to create a precise design in visually translating the two key attributes of the brand: Attitude and Refreshment.

Graphically, the design took on the blue color as the color code of the brand, and with the silver and the background with geometric shapes quickly sent the idea of ice: The Refreshment.

The logo has been redesigned, preserving the characteristics already super marking; however, gaining greater reading and movement: The attitude.

But to go further and deliver a 100% integrated design to the brand positioning, the same attributes were also incorporated in the creation of a new shape for the bottle.

Thus the V-Bottle was born, a new shape more elegant and modern that synthesizes the geometric concept in lines that create an emblematic tactile frame:

A harmonious marriage between the label and the bottle.

The Cass logo was also engraved on the shoulder of the bottle to strengthen the brand’s construction.

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