Bud Light Blends

A novelty in the American market




Limbic Process®, Naming, Packaging Design

Aiming to meet the demand for natural products and new experiences, Bud Light brought a refreshing and tasty drink: a blend of its classic light lager and natural fruit juice. But how to communicate these attributes? The challenge for Narita was to create a package and a name capable of communicating this novelty in the universe of beers.

To better understand the North American market, the Narita team travelled to the United States and applied the Limbic Process®. It was through this process that the team was able to create a package with proprietary codes, one that fit the briefing and kept the identity of Bud Light.

Results package:
“Seeing the fruit juice flowing conveys a refreshing impression.”
“Freshness suits a happy summer day.”
“The splashes of the fruit, the liquid, these strong colours and the contrast with the silver look all really cool, I feel like tasting it.”

The fruit juice on the top of the package conveys at once flavour and freshness. It also refers to the emotional benefits of the product: a light drink to be enjoyed with friends during the day. The name “Blends” also coined by Narita, reinforces the idea of an innovative product that perfectly combines the freshness of the fruit with the classic taste of Bud Light.

Results name:
“I think the name is captivating, and it also tells you it’s more than a beer, you know what you’re going to buy.”
“It makes clear reference to this mix of beer and fruit.”
“The name says it’s something relaxing, refreshing. It explains what the new product tastes like.”

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