case TNT

case TNT

TNT Energy Drink



Grupo Petrópolis


Packaging Design

The repositioning of a product like TNT Energy Drink could only be as strong, impactful and vibrant as the drink. The energy drink packaging underwent a real transformation, from sophisticated, straight lines and clean visuals to an artistic concept that is vibrant and full of attitude.

The brand’s manifesto, which expresses resistance, transgression, experimentation and inclusion, was translated into an urban creative route and evidenced through graffiti, typography inspired by street posters and images of strong women highlighted in each can. The colors gained greater proportions to make easier the identification of flavors, in addition to a second color to reinforce that each flavor is unique, and also black, which enhances the graphic elements of the packaging and the concepts of strength and attitude. The words ‘energy drink’, now with thicker lines, were applied vertically between the letters N and T, and the #PodeVir appears highlighted on the front of the package.

Want more? We got it! The line now has the Focus version, the first energy drink with Choline — which is directly linked to improving both memory and learning ability — developed especially for the routine of studies and games. For this packaging we used a graffiti that resembles two focused eyes, like an animal ready to attack, with vibrant colors that glow in black light.

A transforming concept, powerful and accessible to all: this is how TNT reinforces its position in the market and gets even closer to its consumer behavior. We are very proud to be part of this moment for the brand!

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