Mead Johnson


Limbic Process®, Packaging Design, Imagem Production, Artwork Process

Sustagen Adultos+ is a daily food supplement designed especially for adults over 40 years of age.

A high nutritional value product, which had the challenge of recreating the graphic concept of its packaging to increase its value perception among consumers.

For this, we put consumers at the center of our creative process, and by doing that we understood the codes and fundamental elements in the packaging communication.

This way, a large seal with a modern and didactic look was designed for it to be the main protagonist in the communication and to highlight the nutritional strength of the products at the point of sale.

Another key aspect in the design was the body of the letters, which was enlarged so it would be easier to be read by older consumers.
The result was a concept with great impact, didactic, and that would value ​​the greatest benefit of Sustagen: Its composition with 26 Vitamins & Minerals.

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