Shock Top




Limbic Process®, Packaging Design, Brand Identity, Image Production

To develop the brand language verbal and visual for Shock Top we talked to managers and suppliers, we visited POPs, we talked to consumers and we also held a workshop.

Through the Limbic Process, we tested various visual stimuli in Tampa, Florida and in California; surprisingly, we found that the brand communication was not in line with consumers’ perceptions and expectations. That is, time and money were being wasted.

Today, there are new graphics and positioning in the market.

Respecting the particularities, tastes, language and subtleties of the American culture was the most delicate aspect of this project. And this is how we gradually created the stimuli that unraveled the true emotion of the target consumer.

The labels were redesigned and the graphics were extended to many other touchpoints of the brand.

To create a light, young and really relaxed mood for the brand we used graphic elements like the illustrations that refer to beer, fruit and local life style, the hand-drawn logo and the new illustration of the icon character.

A beer with Californian soul!

The adopted substrate was the no label look, which also strongly conveys lightness and freshness.

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