Uniqueness and segmentation


Sherwin Williams


Packaging Design, Packaging Architecture

In order to strengthen the brand’s presence in Brazil, as well as to improve communication with consumers and painters, the graphic architecture redesign project had as its premise to enhance Sherwin Williams brand protagonism, increasing its value perception; To establish sub-brand territory by updating each personality to fortify their competitive potential; To provide navigation within the portfolio and improve products purchase.

During the immersion phase we conducted interviews with the brands managers, studied the competition and visited the sales points to investigate the moment of the purchase. Within this process there was also an investigation with consumers to understand the personality of the leading brands and find relevant visual codes to the category.

With these learnings we designed the new graphic architecture for the packaging featuring a standardization in communication which aims to strengthen the brand and facilitate location at the sales point.

The distinctive Sherwin-Williams logo gained greater prominence and was reinforced by a blue forepart on the top of the packaging. The sub-brands were redesigned according to each ink profile adding emotion to the design and readability.

The images convey sensations and facilitate the communication of the product with consumers and painters. In addition, the benefits are presented in icons in Premium products and in short texts in other categories, making it easier to choose according to the real needs of the consumer.

The fusion of these elements creates a striking graphic architecture that reinforces, highlights and creates uniqueness throughout the Sherwin-Williams portfolio. It also creates a clear distinction between sub-brands and makes identifying variants more didactic, facilitating the buying process.

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