Portfolio expansion




Packaging Design, Limbic Process®

With a bold and intelligent strategy, Qualy, already the market leader in the margarine category, expands its portfolio with the launch of butter, cheese spread and pão de queijo (Brazilian cheese bread), reaffirming its hegemony at the Brazilian breakfast table.

The creative process started from a deep research on local and national brands using consumer groups in the SP, RJ, and MG markets. The main goal was to understand which elements could convey the quality and superiority that the brand is already known for, as well as setting it apart from the famous margarines.

We identified that the freshness and origin of the product were the most important points, so we brought farm-related visual codes to the packaging. We picked a special color palette, using tones such as gold and burgundy, to reinforce the premium quality of the product, and we also highlighted the main ingredient to reinforce the mentioned attributes.

The final product is a sophisticated and modern visual identity, aligned with the purpose of the Qualy brand.

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