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Pirahy Alimentos, the largest rice processing industry in Latin America, invited Narita to develop a positioning strategy for one of the most loved brands, recognized by consumers for its high quality: Prato Fino rice.

The challenge was to reflect the brand’s already recognized values, such as quality and tradition, in a consistent and unique way, in addition to modernizing the packaging design, maintaining the identification and trust well known by its loyal consumers.

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We visited the Prato Fino factory located in São Borja-RS. We conducted interviews with the company’s managers to understand the needs of the brand. We also selected dozens of consumer families to understand their relationship between the product and the brand. For the elaboration of the dynamics, we used the Processo Límbico® [Limbic Process], an exclusive methodology by Narita that seeks to capture the most genuine behavior and emotions of the consumer through playful exercises.


The insights obtained at each stage contributed to the creation of the positioning based on “the field’s strength provided for your family”, which reflects the quality and care of the production process and the value of rice on the Brazilian table.

The packaging design reflects the positioning with visual elements that refer to the countryside, reinforcing the high quality of the grains and highlighting the product at the point of sale.

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