Special cheese market




Limbic Process®, Brand Language, Packaging Design, Imagem Production, Artwork Process

Through the Limbic Process®, we unveiled the images that best communicated sophistication, good taste and high quality to a really selective audience.

We also developed the brand language aesthetic guidelines [people, product, scenery, graphics and colors] that helped make the communication really tangible to managers and suppliers.

The main goal of this project was to educate the Brazilian’s palate for the appreciation of the special cheese.

In addition to a detailed study of the moment of consumption, habits and attitudes regarding this category were also investigated to really shake up an apathetic market.

The final result was a didactic package, where one will find recommendation of consumption, the origin, and harmonization of cheeses.

A circle bringing together the brands Polenghi and Sélection, the illustration of the old factory in Minas Gerais and the texture of the kraft paper with a touch of gold created a point of attraction that valued the brand at the POP.

The premium aspects of Polenghi Sélection were emphasized by the change of the blue color, which took on an even darker tone, and the different patterns that tell us something about each type of cheese.

This visual enhanced the perception of value and care.

Another significant visual detail was the impression inside the packaging – it will surprise the consumer during the process of unpacking.

The Polenghi pioneering packaging yielded positive results in numbers and recognition.

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