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Packaging Design, Packaging Architecture, Image Production

The Olla brand, one of the leaders in male condoms sales, identified through an investigation process that there is still an embarrassment that permeates purchases in this category. The packages lacked simple codes that would guide consumers in choosing product versions. So, it was necessary to make the purchase process easier, faster and more objective.


Since the two main purchase drivers are the brand and the type of condom, we unified the BLACK color code for all products as a strategy to make it easier to spot Olla’s products at a long distance and, through the images, we highlighted the personality of each product, but in a youthful and sensorial way, without being vulgar.

As a result, we built a transversal and consistent perception for Olla, which also had a great differentiation power between its product variety, making it easy to identify and navigate through the brand’s portfolio.

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