An invigorating rebranding




Structural Design, Packaging Design

After research with experts and consumers, we developed the new visual identity for the Fusion brand, created out of nightlife and electronic music universes.

We spoke with experts from the Fusion universe such as DJs, producers and photographers who portray the various styles of the night. But the research wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t speak to those who are most connected to the subject. So we went for a night out to talk to energy drink consumers of the most diverse profiles, at parties and nightclubs in São Paulo.

In possession of all this learning, we were inspired by the energy and electricity of lightning to develop the brand’s new visual identity, which includes the logo and the can and pet packaging, in addition to the creation of all the visual language that guides the brand’s communication.

The shape of the pet packaging was also one of the strengths of this project, created in a proprietary format that breaks with the standards of the Brazilian market.

Bringing all the brand’s modernity to the shelves, the lid facilitates opening and alludes to the stereo’s volume buttons.

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