A new category of alcoholic beverages in Korea: Happoshu


OB inbev


Brand Identity, Naming, Packaging Design, Image Production, Artwork Process


With an already consolidated partnership with Inbev, for this project Narita received a challenge on an even greater scale: to create naming and visual identity that would make Inbev Korea grow into a new segment of alcoholic beverages for the younger public, in a culture very different from the Brazilian one.


In addition to a complete immersion in the brand’s universe, with interviews with managers and a study of previous analyses and research, we carried out an investigation of the Korean and Japanese market so we could understand how they were communicating with young people at all points of contact.


As a result, the strategy team developed three creative territories, and from them, options for names and visual identity for the new brand were developed. With a list of names in English, we invited a young Korean teacher to consult: we needed to make sure that the names would sound properly and be well understood, and that they would also be able to connect with young Koreans. So we did a prior cultural check before the name and visual identity proposals were tested in limbic groups with consumers in this market, to choose the proposals that were most related to Korean consumers.

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