New visual identity and naming

A new market for alcoholic beverages comes up in Korea – a low malt beer-like called happoshu.

Filgood is meant to be a real launching by OB inbev, a new brand with a super irreverent and innovative positioning.

A day-to-day affordable light drink.

OB inbev offered and Narita took up the challenge – create naming and visual identity to build a survey to be conducted in Seoul, with consumers of this new drink: the millennials.

The name Filgood was approved as well as the whale, which was chosen by consumers as the iconic symbol of the brand.
Blue, white and yellow – a combination of colours that created a light and refreshing sensory context.

The new packaging puts together the perfect modern and irreverent combination that meets the expectations regarding this launching.

As a result, it was a hit from the moment it was launched.

Project Info


Anheuser-Busch InBev (AB InBev)


Packaging Design
Brand Identity
Image Production

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