A revolution in a brand more than 80 years old.


Docile Alimentos


Packaging Design, Packaging Architecture, Brand Identity, Limbic Process®, Image Production



Docile is a 100% Brazilian sweets brand that has been operating for over 30 years with products that serve the entire national and international market, being present in more than 60 countries. In its positioning strategy, it sought to present itself in its category with more personality and protagonism, in order to increase its awareness throughout Brazil.


During the immersion phase, we went to the factory to learn about the process, origin, and values ​​of the brand, in addition to visiting points of sale to understand the needs on the shelf. Using the limbic process, Narita’s proprietary methodology, we conducted interviews with Docile’s managers to understand the brand’s vision, moment, and its desires for the future. With consumers, we created an online diary to capture the real emotions of them interacting with the brand and its products. We delved deeper with in-home interviews in which we understood more deeply the relationship with candies and sweets in the daily lives of those families.


We discovered that the universe of candies stimulates the senses and instigates discoveries. Combining this concept with Docile’s values, we arrived at the “activate your senses” positioning, an invitation for consumers to expose themselves to the sensorial and sweet universe that the brand provides. The brand positioning was translated into the design of the new packaging with a fun and playful look, with greater visualization of the textures of each product, in addition to the improvement of the logo, in order to bring modernity and give greater visibility to the brand name. Narita also carried out a language project for Docile that proposes aesthetic and verbal guidelines for its communication, along with a new brand architecture, making its portfolio more organized through the creation of sub-brands and naming rules.

The design of the new logo was inspired by the handwriting of its owners, carrying the strength, tradition, and passion of this family.

The shape that supports the logo is born from caramel, which gave rise to the first sweets produced, in addition to reflecting a dynamic and moving brand that brings joy and fun.

In packaging, we adopted an iconic and unusual look to create a break in the category, exploring fun with great emphasis and enabling the brand to face the big players in the category.

Nas embalagens, adotamos um visual icônico e inusitado, para criar uma ruptura na categoria, explorando com grande ênfase a diversão e capacitando a marca para enfrentar os grandes players da categoria.

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