A new positioning for a brand so essential in the lives of many Brazilians.


Cartão de Todos


Posicionamento de Marca, Identidade de Marca, Linguagem Visual & Verbal, Brand Book


Cartão de Todos is the main company of Grupo Cartão de Todos Internacional, which has been operating since 2001. The company aimed at contributing to social inclusion, with benefits in leisure, education and offering quality primary health care.

However, its positioning, language and identity did not convey attributes of modernity and were not consistent with its purpose and with what the brand wanted to convey to its audience.


To understand the brand’s relationship with consumers, Narita went deep into the universe of Cartão de Todos, interviewing dozens of managers from all areas.

Based on all the lessons learned in the immersion stage, Narita improved the brand’s Mission, Vision and Values, highlighting the humanistic perspective, which is the company’s main motivation in the day-to-day management of its activities.

A visual identity and a linear language were developed for the brand’s pillars, built with the idea of bringing more and more trust, as well as proximity, in all its communication.


The creative direction was based on the appreciation of humanistic aspects, added to the need for multiple applicability of the identity, such as: digital environments, physical store fronts and the card itself.

The green color, one of the great assets of the brand, was preserved, and added to a light green, more effervescent and alive, to convey the feeling of a brand that is current and modern.

The outcome is a visual identity that has taken Cartão para Todos to a new level, by creating a symbol that values the brand’s vocation to care for people, and by adding it to a logo that praises the word “todos” (everyone), reinforcing the brand’s mission to provide access to health and a variety of benefits to thousands of people.

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