A major brand identity transformation.


Grupo BIG


Brand Identity

In Brazil, hypermarkets are no longer just a place to buy pantry items, they have become a space that offers services, a myriad of products, good deals and experiences for the whole family.

Following this trend, BIG Group transformed all of its hypermarkets into BIG brand facilities, reformulating its visual identity, renovating its stores and expanding the product assortment.

We incorporated some of the brand transition purpose in each detail of the development of BIG’s new identity:

– The use of different colors and lines on the facade conveys emotional aspects that refer to the joy of a family outing.

– The bold and highlighted letter B emanates the feeling of abundance.

– The priority use of red, yellow and blue colors makes the transition from the previous flags (BIG and Walmart) smoother.

The time factor was one of the great challenges of this process since the replacement of all materials – from facades to shopping bags – was supposed to happen almost simultaneously. Thus, the new visual identity brought consistency and joy to BIG hypermarkets throughout Brazil.

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