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Limbic Process, Packaging Design

One of the most iconic brands in Brazil, BIC, came to us with the following challenge: How to create a visual identity for a new pen line that wants to reach a younger audience?

We knew that it would be necessary to study the behavior of young people in depth, in order to understand how they live, behave in their daily lives and interpersonal relationships. But only the Processo Límbico® [Limbic Process®] could truly and spontaneously reveal the values and codes of this audience that is so difficult to access, namely, young people. The Processo Límbico® had stages of observation of the target in the streets and of the experiences in their homes, all conducted by a visual anthropologist.

We found that, contrary to what one might think, the young person’s look is calmer and even more minimalist, always with a color detail that helps to differentiate them and convey their identities. Thus, we arrived at a look that harmonizes very well with various styles.

With a new production technology, which allows the clip’s color to be different from the color of the cap and barrel of their pens, the release was inspired by the style of today’s youth, who seek to convey uniqueness and authenticity.

The result is a modern and minimalist look, which expresses the attitude of young people in seeking the simple, while still being different and attractive.

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