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Packaging Design

Just like Christmas and family, Bauducco and family have everything to do with each other. Therefore, it is natural that, at this time, a consistent work of visual architecture was carried out, seeking to create synergy between the products that make up the Bauducco family.

The novelties are many and they were all cradled by one remarkable project. One of the innovations was in the Panettone line. In addition to the already traditional with fruits, Bauducco has released its Salted Panettone.

The greatest challenge of this release was to show the consumer that the Salted Panettone dough was the same as the traditional one’s and still had the differential of being able to be appreciated in different ways and on different occasions, which was highlighted on the sides of the packaging.

With Chocottone MAXI, a young line, it was necessary to enter this universe and explore its codes, both to delight the target and to awaken their desire. The image composition – with an explosion of sauce next to a slice of Chocottone, strong and vibrant colors, brushstrokes and close-ups of strong appetite appeal – was successful in highlighting all the pleasure that this consumer seeks incessantly.

Another novelty this Christmas season was the Bites line, in a special edition. At first glance, this treat jumps out of the packaging, which has a bright yellow background and a fun, gestural typography, as well as close-ups so irresistible that you can almost taste the tempting pieces of traditional Chocottone and Panettone covered in milk chocolate.

To complete the Christmas novelties, the regular and Pandoro lines underwent a redesign that aimed to adapt them to the new Bauducco craft identity, with a paper texture in the background and a bow.

And that is how the branding of already existing Bauducco products was revisited and the new releases were created. The result was a work that presented a modernized Christmas tradition to privilege all the targets of a brand that has always been present at the Brazilian table.

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