Affection at all the stages




Limbic Process®, Packaging Design, Packaging Architecture, Image Production

With 70 years dedicated to offering the most delicious products to Brazilian families, Bauducco invited us to modernize the visual identity of its packaging, communicating the artesania concept that is the essence of the brand.

For Bauducco artesania involves everything that is done at home and with love. So, we started this project by visiting the home of consumers in São Paulo and Recife to understand how the artesania was manifested in the daily life of these women.

From the insights collected in the visits we developed creative routes that were validated by the consumers through the Limbic Process®. The new packaging translates the positioning of the brand using codes that thrilled consumers, such as: the ribbon that transmitted care and love, the paper wrapping that refers to the handmade packaging besides the wood texture and the ingredients on the table that suggest the preparation of recipes. The end result is already in the main points of sales of the country.

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