A Brazilian heritage.


Cia Müller de Bebidas


Limbic Process®, Identity Redesign, Packaging Design, Imagem Production, Artwork Process

Modernizing without losing our roots is always a good idea, but also a great challenge as it touches on the consumer’s emotional relationship with a traditional brand. This was the case with the redesign of the label for the complete range of cachaça 51, the best-selling cachaça in the world.

To understand this feeling and drive the creative concept, we started the immersion using our Limbic Process, by gathering 24 consumers in the São Paulo and Salvador markets and exposing them different stimuli so we could identify the following lessons: the history of cachaça is valued, the symbols of the cane and barrel are relevant icons that convey quality and the vibrant colors are quickly identifiable, but each product of the range should have its own color. In addition to this immersion with end consumers, we also studied the company’s internal culture through interviews with the president and brand managers, as well as visits to the POS.

The creative strategy and outcome of this work are shown in the video, in thousands of establishments throughout Brazil and 50 other countries and, of course, in the affective memory of the consumer.

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