The value of assertiveness

We are a strategy and design agency committed to:

1. Meeting the goals of projects, saving the customer time and money

2. Maximizing the return on investment, increasing the market share and the brand attractiveness

Legitimate connection with the consumer

In a market overloaded with options, it has been more challenging to build brands that establish an emotional bond with consumers, who are increasingly skeptical, demanding, and fickle in their choices.
Given this, we set ourselves the challenge of doing a job that establishes a legitimate connection with the consumer. For this purpose, we developed the Limbic Process®, a method of co-creation aimed to access and understand the emotional motivations that drive people’s decision-making.


We believe actions speak louder than words, they reveal people’s character.
What we say, we do.


We relentlessly seek the extra-ordinary.


We are aware of the importance of getting results. So we are scrupulous about meeting deadlines and accurate in our recommendations.

We believe that a design based on understanding and translating the consumer’s emotions have no boundaries.​

That is why our projects are already in 30 countries.


Mario Narita

Founder & CEO

Narita received an MBA from the Berlin School; he specialized in Package Design in Japan, graduated in Advertising from ECA/USP and, moved by his restless spirit, enthusiastically took up an invitation to be a Cannes jury member. He also attended Singularity, in order to learn how to integrate technology and innovation in his business.


Juliana Ometto

Account Director


Clarice Casseb

Strategy & Insight Director


Fernando Quintas

Design Director

Renato Aota

Production Director

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