How should the visual identity of Dona Benta,

one of the most beloved brands in Brazil be redesigned? A challenge that motivated us to go beyond a new concept for this packaging, we needed to capture the emotional essence of the brand!

Using our Limbic Process® and with the help of a visual anthropologist, we immersed ourselves in the female consumer‘s daily life. This is how we captured information that would never be explicit through traditional investigation.

The Limbic Process® allowed us to reveal codes that translate the relationship between the female consumer and the kitchen, and, most importantly, the memory of Grandma and/or Mom‘s delicious food. And food is closely related to the strongest emotional bonds we experience throughout life.

During the process, we found rooms full of details, tiles, prints, embroidery and lace. It was precisely these codes that inspired us and led to the creation of a new visual identity for Dona Benta. A change that has charmed the market and the female consumer.

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