Limbic Process®

What is it?

It is a research and creation methodology that seeks to access our Limbic System. The Limbic System is the part of the brain responsible for the memory and the motivation. That is wheremotions and feelings originate.


The function of the Limbic Process® is to inspire and give precision to the visual language, besides feeding the construction of the Strategic Positioning of brands.



The emotion that commands

The Limbic Process® counts on Mario Narita’s 40 years of experience in visual communication, and on a team of designers, planners and psychologists.

This group draws the study together with the client, and then conducts, analyzes and materializes the findings, building a creative chain whose core is the consumer. It is the intersection of the client’s view, the market and the consumer that inspires our creative paths and leads our decisions.

This methodology, along with our strategic and creative expertise, reduces the duration of the project, optimizes the investment and generates outstanding results.



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