The value of assertiveness

We are a design and strategy agency committed to:

1 Meeting the goals of projects, saving the customer time and money

2 Maximizing the return on investment, increasing the market share and the brand attractiveness

Legitimate connection with the consumer


In a market overloaded with options, it has been more and more difficult to build brands that establish an emotional bond with consumers, who are increasingly skeptical, demanding, and fickle in the choices they make.

Given this, we set ourselves the challenge of doing a job that establishes a legitimate connection with the consumer. It was for this purpose that we developed the Limbic Process®, a method of co-creation aimed to access and understand the emotional motivations that drive people’s decision-making.


We believe actions speak louder than words, they reveal people’s character.
What we say, we do.


We relentlessly seek the extra-ordinary.


We are aware of the importance of getting results. So we are scrupulous about meeting deadlines and accurate in our recommendations.

Mario Narita

Mario Narita has an MBA in Creative Leadership from the Berlin School; he graduated from ECA/USP and got a grant from the Japan Package Design Association. Narita worked for prominent agencies like Norton, Alcântara Machado Periscinoto, Proeme, DPZ, Sao and MPM. In the beginning of 1998 he set up his own business, and has built an unquestionably respected portfolio since then.

Tânia Sassioto

Professional with 15 years of experience in marketing and innovation, she worked for companies such as Diageo, SC Johnson and Philip Morris. She also familiarized herself with the dynamics of start-ups when she lived abroad. At the front of the Customer Service area, she brings her experience in strategy and in the relationship between client and agency. She graduated from ESPM, and did her further studies at FGV.

Fernando Quintas

Graduated in Arts from Universidade Anhembi Morumbi, Fernando worked for 4 years at Neo Design, where he found his vocation and acquired knowledge of packaging graphic design; during this period he gained considerable experience in the children’s market, and had contact with major brands.

Clarisse Casseb

Graduated in Business Administration from PUC-SP, Clarisse has been operating in the area of marketing and planning for 13 years. Her business acumen was built on her experience working for companies like Grupo Bimbo, Cia.Hering and Nestlé. As a freelancer, Clarisse ran workshops on strategy development and on methodologies for innovation; she also worked for FutureBrand, developing positioning and brand language for different sectors. Her experience in business and strategy contributed to the formation of a deep, innovative way of thinking, which aims to build unique and valuable brands. Since 2016 Clarisse directs the Planning Area at Narita D&S.

Thiago Takeda

Thiago began his professional career in 1995 and in 1998 he joined the Narita D&S team, where he contributed to the evolution of the technical standards of the jobs; later, he coordinated the digital and production sectors. Today, with a team specialized in 3-D, he heads the 3-D Structural Design department.

Renato Aota

In the packaging design market since 1997, Renato has worked with major brands such as Johnson & Johnson and Nestlé. He contributed to the development of M Design for 13 years, after which he had the opportunity to run the Quarter Group. Since 2011, Renato has been improving the standard of excellence in the production and graphic arts sectors at Narita D&S.

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